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ACFL Trails #26 - #207 - #21 - #204 (Mt. Erie to Whistle Lake)

Trailhead: Drive 1.4 mi. up the Mt. Erie Road until you see Trailhead sign on the left (below, top center). If the three trailhead parking spots are taken, use the shoulder just ahead on the right.

Trail: Forested, hilly with one short steep section; views of Whistle Lake

Distance/Time: 2 mi. roundtrip; 60 min.

Warm up on mostly flat trail #26 for .21 mi. then turn left onto #207 at the Whistle Lake sign (below left) and head downhill through heavy ferns and light forest. (When you decide how far to walk around Whistle Lake, remember that you will have to ascend this fairly steep slope at the end of your hike!)

After .4 mi. turn right at the broad path that’s #21 and follow it for .25 mi. to #204 that skirts the north side of the lake. As you walk along the lake, you can take various short trails on the right to get better lake views (or even get in for a swim if it’s warm enough - it's the most popular swimming lake on Fidalgo Island).

The mileage above is based on turning around at first view of the lake – if you hike the entire lake loop on #204, then #205 (south side) and use #22 to connect back to #21, it adds 2.4 mi. to your overall hike.

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