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ACFL Trails #215 (Sugarloaf Mountain)

Trailhead: Follow signs to Mt. Erie and either: park in lot at the base and follow trail behind trailhead sign to #215 up (below left) then hike #215 to #226 to #238, OR drive .6 mi. up the Mt. Erie Road until you see the sign (below right) for a short but steep hike on #215 & #228 to the top.

Trail: Forested, hilly with steep sections; open views of Skagit Bay, Whidbey Island, Rosario Strait and San Juan Islands, even Olympic Mountains when not obscured by clouds

Distance/Time: .75-2 mi. RT/25-45 min. (depending on starting point - see above)

From parking lot at base of Mt. Erie: (center photo above) Follow #215 steadily up to #226 to #238 for the shortest route to the top.

From trailhead .6 mi. up Mt. Erie road (shortcut): (right photo above) Follow #215 and scramble up a steep rocky section, then connect with #228 to top of Sugarloaf

On the right day, you'll feel like you've won the lottery to be able to get a 270-degree view from the islands in Skagit Bay to Whidbey Island to the San Juans and north. And if you're lucky, you could have the top perch under the tree all to yourself - something you won't find at the top of Mt. Erie, given the number who drive to enjoy that view.

View of Olympics, Rosario Strait and Lake Erie from top of Sugarloaf Mountain (above)

Make sure to follow #238 around to south side for views of Fidalgo Bay and beyond (below)

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