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ACFL Trail #25-212-213

Updated: Aug 16, 2020

Trailhead: Drive south from Anacortes on H Avenue, which becomes Heart Lake Road. Park in lot at the base of Mt. Erie or in parking spaces on the east shoulder of Heart Lake Road. Walk west across Heart Lake Road to the "Pine Ridge Loop/Erie View" (#212) trailhead.

Trail: Moderate hills with mostly forest views, trail spur with limited view of Puget Sound through trees

Distance/Time: 1.4 miles roundtrip/30 min. loop

Take the first right to follow this loop trail counterclockwise - warming up on the flat trail (below, top right), then climbing a moderate hill mid-trail and enjoying a mild downhill walk at the end.

If you start left (lower photos), you'll follow #25 uphill for .25 miles before it becomes #212. You'll descend the big hill mid-hike, then climb back up slightly to the junction with trail #210. If you have the time, take #210 for .25-.5 miles to the shoreline of Heart Lake.

About .25 miles before the trailhead, watch for spur trail #213 - it can no longer boast a clear view of Puget Sound, but it has a good grassy spot for a rest or picnic.

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