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ACFL Trail #239

Trailhead: Drive south from Anacortes on H Avenue, which becomes Heart Lake Road. Drive about halfway up the Mt. Erie summit road and park at the Mt. Erie/Whistle Lake trailhead, then walk across the road to the #239 trail

Trail: Relatively easy with forest, small lagoon and wall of ferns; views at end of Lake Erie and Puget Sound beyond at "end" (see below)

Distance/Time: 1 mi. roundtrip/30-45 min.

This trail was uncharted for years, but was well worn by climbers of Mt. Erie. Even now, it's a little hard to spot, as the trail sign isn't right on Mt. Erie road, but just around the first bend on the trail. It's a fairly easy trail with moderate ups and downs as you pass by a small lagoon, rocks walls with trees and later a full wall of ferns and stumps sprouting nurse trees.

While the map indicates the trail dead ends, it acutally does continue after the scenic lookout rock (photo below). DO NOT continue on the trail, however, unless you are prepared to hike up very steep passages and across a narrow rock ledge - this last part is the "climber's trail" section - a shortcut to climbing sites near the top of Mt. Erie. (I once continued on, not knowing what I was in for. A climbing instructor happened along and led me up and "out," but I don't recommend it!)

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