Enjoying Our Anacortes Forest Lands Legacy

There are as many trail experiences as there are days in the year. When you follow any of the trails, you assume responsibility for your own safety. When you go, take at least these items from the standard hiking essentials: your ACFL map, a cellphone, weather protection and a headlamp or flashlight. Wear sturdy shoes with good tread (rocks, leaves and tree roots are often slippery!) - trekking poles are helpful on hilly and rocky trails.

Occasionally trails may cross private property. When you see posted private property signs, respect the owners' rights and stay on the trail.

Above all, relax, breathe in the forest air and let your mind escape - but stay alert for trail signs and unmarked turns and take note of your environment. It can be easy to get disoriented in the middle of the forest, and while the Forstlands are only 2800 acres, you want to arrive safely back at the trailhead without incident!

Trail maps are posted at major trailheads, or you can purchase trail maps at the same Anacortes stores that carry NeuVue calendars: Watermark Books and Lake Erie Grocery.

Trail Guide